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Boost the growth of hemp-cultures

Fertilizer for Cannabis

Boost Cannabis Yield

Organic Fertilizer for Cannabis Cultures

Humic-based fertilizers, like Precogrow, are revolutionizing cannabis cultivation by significantly enhancing plant growth and yield.

Precogrow leverages the natural power of humic substances to improve soil health, increase nutrient uptake, and stimulate plant growth. The humic acids in Precogrow enhance soil structure, allowing roots to access water and nutrients more efficiently.

PRECOCARE Effect on Plant

Advantages of Using Humic-Based Fertilizer



Increased Hemp Yield

Using humic-based organic fertilizer PRECOGROW for cannabis growth offers numerous benefits that contribute to healthier plants and higher yields. Humic acids, which are a key component of humic-based fertilizers, improve soil structure and enhance nutrient uptake. They act as chelating agents, binding essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, making them more available to the plants. This results in better nutrient absorption and utilization by the cannabis plants, leading to improved growth and development.

Additionally, humic-based organic fertilizers promote microbial activity in the soil, fostering a balanced and thriving soil ecosystem. These fertilizers provide an ideal environment for beneficial soil microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, which play crucial roles in nutrient cycling and plant health.
Helps to improve nutrient intake and feed efficiency.



Peat-sapropel concentrate is 10-15 times richer in humic acids, microelements and vitamins than natural sapropel and peat!

The ingredients are sourced from clean and natural locations, such as mountain lakes and pristine deposits, far from any industrial or urban pollution. The products consist solely of organic and eco-friendly elements: lake sapropel, low-moor peat, and lake water. A NATURAL TREASURE!

Dr. Pavel Malyshev


How to Use Organic Fertilizer for Cannabis?

Application of PRECOGROW to cannabis seedlings and plants is intuitively easy. Our recommended methods allow to achieve the best effectiveness without compromises.

Pre-Sowing Irrigation and Post-Harvest Ploughing

Dilute 1l to 200l of water.

Use 2l of concentrate per ha.

Soil Preparation for Seedlings

Dilute 1l of the product in 20l of water.

Mix evenly with 100 kg soil.

Treatment of Seeds and Bulbs

Dilute the product 1:10 with water when spraying and 1:20 when soaking. 2 liters per metric ton of seed/bulbs.

Optimal Dosage of
Peat-Sapropel Fertilizer for Cannabis

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Extremely acidic<4.5Swamp soil, low-moor peat5.0
Strongly acidic4.6-5.3Peat and coniferous soil4.0
Slightly acidic5.4-6.3Heather and sod soil3.5
Neutral6.4-7.3Mulch and leaf soil2.5
Slightly alkaline7.4-8.0Carbonate soil2.0
Moderately alkaline8.1-8.5Carbonate soil1.5
Strongly alkaline>8.5Carbonate soil1.0

Frequently Asked Questions

What is peat-sapropel humic fertilizer, and how does it benefit cannabis and hemp plants?

Peat-sapropel humic is a natural, organic product manufactured from a unique combination of peat and sapropel.! The 70/30 ratio ensures an ideal balance of humic acids and humates, as well as other nutrients and minerals in the end product.

Peat-sapropel concentrate is produced using advanced technology developed through over 30 years of research and development in Europe, the CIS & GCC regions. It combines low-moor peat and lake sapropel to create a concentrate that is 10-15 times richer in humic acids, microelements, and vitamins than natural sapropel and peat.

Peat-sapropel concentrate, derived from natural low-moor peat and lake sapropel, is rich in humic and fulvic acids, microelements, and vitamins, improving soil health and plant growth. Unlike leonardite, it is free of pollutants and facilitates long-term soil fertility with no negative impact on soil microbes, ecosystem and humans.

Regulations on the Use of
Peat-Sapropel Fertilizer “PRECOGROW”

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