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Humic Acids with Humates and Fulvic acids as Organic Fertilizer and Feed Additive

Peat-Sapropel Concentrate by PRECOFERT

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Humic acid
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Humic Acids for Agricultural Production

Humic acids are natural organic compounds formed through the decomposition of plant and animal matter in the soil. They constitute a vital component of humus, the dark, fertile layer of soil containing organic matter and nutrients.

PRECOFERT produces peat-sapropel concentrate, incorporating the optimal composition of humic acids. Our natural humate products are extensively utilized by farmers across Europe.

Please check the process of manufacturing fertilizers and feed additives from peat and sapropel below.

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Sapropel and Peat Extraction

Production of organic peat-sapropel concentrate with high humic content: PRECOGROW soil conditioner and plant fertilizer, PRECOCARE animal growth stimulator, and feed additive.

We create our products ONLY from NATURAL RAW MATERIALS, without the addition of any recycled components such as humic substances from animal and poultry waste or from other organic industrial and municipal waste.

Technology of Peat-Sapropel Concentrate Production

With over 30 years of scientific research experience in the CIS region, backed by approvals in Europe and trials in the Middle East, our team is engaged in the research and development of raw material extraction processes. This includes lake sediment purification and low-moor peat extraction, resulting in the production of humic organic products, including PEAT-SAPROPEL CONCENTRATE. It serves as the basis for a wide range of products, highlighting the uniqueness of low-moor peat and lake sapropel.

The manufacturing process is committed to the highest quality, as evidenced by its certification to ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2016, and 18001:2007 standards. Its production line and technological processes adhere to international standards, ensuring reliability and product quality. 

The products are certified and approved in Europe (Czech Republic).

Humates and humic acids for fertilizer production

The Best Organic Fertilizer with Humates!

Join the ranks of successful farmers who have reaped the benefits of PRECOGROW. Utilizing the power of humates and humic acids found in peat and sapropel concentrate will help you to enhance your agricultural performance. Opt for PRECOGROW to achieve higher yields, cultivate healthier and more nutritionally enriched crops, and embrace sustainable farming practices.

Aiming to maximize your crop yields and boost soil fertility? Don’t miss out on the agricultural revolution — choose PRECOGROW today!

Нumates and humic acids for the production of feed additives

Boost Feed Additive with Humic Acids!

Peat-Sapropel Concentrate PRECOCARE is a humic feed additive in farm poultry and livestock diets.

The Basis of our Humic Concentrate
(Organic Compound) by PRECOFERT

Humates and humic acids serve as the basis of our peat-sapropel concentrate production. Additionally, our humic peat-sapropel concentrate product incorporates vital nutrients, including fulvic acids, 18 amino acids, a unique blend of vitamins, minerals, organic materials, and trace elements essential for both plants and animals in a natural and organic farming approach. The constituents of our humic concentrate, forming the core of our products, are outlined in the table.

Ph7,5-9,5amino acidsasparagine210-237
Humin Acids12000-15000threonine70-93
Fulvic Acids≤10000serine100-124
Dry matter6.3%glutamine280-320
Cu0,70-0,99N2 095-2 326glycine72-93
mg/kg (per dry matter):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn More About Peat-Sapropel Concentrate

What is definition of peat-sapropel concentrate?

Peat-sapropel humic fertilizer is a natural organic fertilizer derived from peat and sapropel deposits. It contains essential nutrients and organic matter that improve soil structure, promote root development, and enhance nutrient absorption in cannabis and hemp plants, leading to healthier growth and higher yields.

Peat-sapropel fertilizer can be applied either as a top dressing or mixed into the soil before planting. It is recommended to soak the seeds for a few hours before planting to maximize PRECOGROW effects. For established plants, it can be diluted in water and applied as a foliar spray. Follow the recommended application rates on the product label for better results.

Yes, humic fertilizer PRECOGROW is suitable for organic cultivation practices as it is derived from natural  sources and does not contain synthetic chemicals or additives. It helps to maintain soil health, meets strict organic standards, and promotes effective plant growth.

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